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EON. Smarter 
EON is the technological benchmark in touchless robotic laser body contouring. Industry leading laser and cooling technology is coupled with years of scientific research and clinical trials. FDA cleared for abdominal, flank, thigh and back fat reduction, EON provides an unsurpassed patient experience that delivers efficacy, efficiency, and ease of use that you can trust.
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The intelligent robotic arm scans the patient while smart sensor technology maps their topography. The result is a custom treatment delivering touchless laser and cooling with the industry-best temperature differential for maximum efficacy.

While 1064nm laser energy induces apoptosis, the patient’s comfort is maintained via a revolutionary cooling system. The entire abdomen is treated in a 60-minute session. The body then naturally eliminates the fat cells through the lymphatic system with best results seen at 12 weeks.

Elegant Technology
  • We’ve removed the inconsistency and time-consuming operator application for body contouring. Intelligent robotics provide consistency treatment after treatment with precise laser energy heat distribution. Further, robotic efficiency treats the full abdomen in 60 minutes. QUICKCOOL technology allows a provider to offer instant comfort at the press of  a button. The QUICKCOOL feature stops laser energy for 10 seconds while the robotic arm blasts a jet of cool air on the skins surface.

  • Robotic mapping, application of laser energy, and simultaneously cooling allows for touchless treatments. EON’s proprietary jet-impingement cooling technology results in the industry’s best temperature differential (Delta = 11.5 °C). Touchless technology also means no required gels or applicators, no clean up, no post-treatment care, and minimal patient downtime or side effects.

  • Intuitive operator design delivers Smart Sensor Technology for real-time monitoring of skin proximity and skin temperature, while allowing Dynamic Power adjustments for the most effective treatment on the market. EON delivers an unrivaled patient experience through precise robotics perfectly customized to the patient’s topography, treatment, and comfort.

  • EON’s elegant, ergonomic, and aesthetically pleasing design is a sophisticated addition to your practice. The simple and clean user interface operates efficiently, with the fastest treatment set-up and achieving full abdominal treatment in three 20-minute sessions. EON’s smart web-based account portal ensures practice monitoring and access to virtual credits.

Before + After Treatment Results

Untouched Patient Results at 12 Weeks After a Single Treatment

Before After
Before After
Before After
Before After
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Dominion Aesthetic Technologies, Inc. is the maker of the EON touchless robotic technology. Production is currently in process and we are offering flexible early adopter purchase programs. Elevate your aesthetic practice by being among the first to deliver the EON experience to patients.

Our simplified installation process, intuitive training, responsive practice support team, web-based account portal, and industry-leading 2-year warranty program powers the network of support and validation you need.