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November 17, 2020

What is EON?

What is EON®?


In technical terms, EON is an FDA-cleared device that uses a 1064 nm laser to non-invasively induce apoptosis for lipolysis of subcutaneous abdominal fat while maintaining comfortable skin temperatures with a proprietary jet-impingement cooling system. It utilizes a programmable articulated robotic arm that moves the non-contact head while maintaining an appropriate three-dimensional treatment path.

Ok, so what does all this mean to someone who wants to get abdominal body contouring? Let us break it down in layman’s terms for anyone who is not a medical laser engineer. This is for all of us who just want a bikini body by Spring Break 2021. We have been daydreaming about a vacation since lockdowns began and it has been rough trying to lose those stubborn #pandemicpounds. 



Subcutaneous abdominal fat: Fat that lies under the dermis layer of the skin. (As opposed to visceral fat, which is around the organs and cannot be removed by any means). Subcutaneous abdominal fat serves as the body’s energy storage system and is probably where last year’s Thanksgiving pumpkin pie can be found. 

Apoptosis: Apoptosis is a form of programmed cell death. The delivery of laser energy causes fat cells to slowly start dying. This method of fat elimination is gentle on the body and does not cause inflammation, minimizes skin irregularities and downtime

Lipolysis: The body naturally flushes out the dead fat cells through the lymphatic system. This process typically takes about 6-12 weeks and best results are seen at 12 weeks.

Programmable articulated robotic arm: EON’s robotic arm uses sensors to map your body’s unique topography for 100% personalized treatment. 

Three-dimensional treatment path: EON’s robotic treatment scan is personalized to the patient’s topography, treatment, and comfort. EON knows your body better than any other fat contouring machine by graphing it out for each individual person.

FDA-cleared device: The EON device has undergone a 510(k) submission, which The Food & Drug Administration has reviewed and provided clearance—deeming EON safe and effective for reducing abdominal fat. This means that EON is very effective at targeting stubborn unwanted fat, and it is safe because while the laser targets unwanted fat cells, it does not cause harm to the rest of the body.

1064 nm laser: 1064 nanometers correspond to the laser wavelength. This particular wavelength raises the temperature of the treatment area, the mechanism that causes apoptosis on the unwanted fat cells. Lasers have gained significant popularity in dermatology treatments. The EON system has utilized this laser technology in body sculpting. 

Non-invasive: This is very important. Laser liposuction does not always mean non-invasive. Laser technology can also be used alongside traditional surgical liposuction. This process typically requires an incision to be made on the skin, the laser technology is inserted and is utilized to destroy fat cells, and a traditional cannula (big needle) is then inserted to remove the fat through suction. Lastly, the incision is closed with sutures. Yup, you guessed it – you most certainly need to be under general anesthesia for this option because it is very painful.

EON treatments do not require any type of incisions, none – zero – zilch. EON treatments are non-invasive and non-surgical. In fact, EON is so innovative that unlike other non-invasive devices, EON does not even touch your skin and is still incredibly effective at killing unwanted fat cells. 

Again, EON treatments are non-surgical, touchless, and comfortable with no downtime. 

Non-contact head: While EON’s laser heats up fat cells to induce apoptosis without ever touching the skin, EON’s proprietary jet-impingement cooling system keeps the top layer of the skin cool so the laser can effectively penetrate the unwanted fat cells without discomfort to the patient. In fact, during clinical trials, the average comfort level was below 3 out of 10:

Touchless technology also means that the treatment is more comfortable, does not require bulky machinery to be attached to the patient’s body, does not require gels, does not require clean up, nor post-treatment massages.

Results: EON is effective! In clinical trials, EON delivered 21.6% average fat reduction (25.3% in the lower abdomen) in 1 SINGLE TREATMENT! All other non-invasive options currently in the market require 3-4 treatments to deliver the same results.  

Clinical results showed that 73% of patients achieved greater than 20% fat reduction with zero non-responders. That means that everyone in the clinical trial experienced fat loss. Again, this is unheard of in the non-invasive liposuction treatment industry. 

This is why we love EON and are so excited to disrupt the non-invasive fat reduction industry. Now that you know more about EON, what are your thoughts? We would love to know if you have any questions or want to know where you can try EON out for yourself.