EON News
December 28, 2020

New Year, New You!


Why do we have to create a new “us” every year? Especially when we already love who we are. The slogan should certainly say “New Year, New Goals” so we can walk into 2021 with the aspiration to continue what we have already slayed in 2020. Let us all agree that this last year we had a lot of time on our hands to enhance our well-being and set some pretty high health goals. We applaud those who tried and conquered that vegan or gluten-free diet. We toast to the millions of us who bought “every bike on the planet,” and we are proud of you for finally having a routine down and seeing results. So, keep up the great work because we are here for it!


In 2020, the preference for minimally invasive or non-invasive aesthetic procedures expanded, causing an overwhelming number of searches on the internet for “laser lipo” and other non-invasive cosmetic procedures. New Beauty online magazine posted an article on November 24, 2020, stating that people have more discretionary income because they cannot travel, dine out, or attend performances such as concerts or sporting events. The pandemic has shown no immediate signs of slowing procedures, and aesthetic practices say they are busier than ever.


Covid-19 created a “new normal” where companies allow their employees to work from home or work a home/office hybrid schedule. Working from home has opened the door to an influx of minor cosmetic procedures, allowing individuals to recover on their timeline in the privacy and safety of their home office. Now, more than ever, the concept of self-love is driving people to choose a healthy lifestyle and pair it with additional procedures such as body contouring to achieve personal goals and see results in just a few weeks of quarantine. Companies using laser, cryolipolysis, ultrasound, and radio frequency fat zapping machines have successfully targeted and killed fat cells through apoptosis, creating a permanent enhancement to our own beauty without surgery, anesthesia, or long recovery periods.


Dominion Aesthetic Technologies Inc.’ has made our own New Year resolution for 2021, and it is to disrupt the body sculpting market with EON’s launch. EON’s non-surgical fat reduction treatment is a one-on-one elective procedure done in the comfort of your plastic surgeon’s office and follows Covid-19 safety regulations. The price ranges from $3000 to $4000 for a one-hour session. The results produce a 21-23% (25.3% in the lower abdomen) average fat reduction 12 weeks post-procedure, which exceeds our competitor’s 2500 patient retrospective study showing a 13-17% reduction. EON is consistently more effective due to the robotic articulating arm that senses the patient’s abdomen’s topography and automatically adjusts to deliver a uniform treatment and cooling.

As we launch through 2021 we invite you to come try EON. We understand that Covid has complicated our daily routine, and some gyms are closed, or you may be wary of contacting Covid during workouts. EON is a safe alternative to other fat reduction options. 


Happy New Year from Dominion Aesthetic Technologies, Inc. and EON.