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The EON system is a body contouring laser technology that specializes in targeting and reducing unwanted stubborn fat. Clinical study participants experienced an average of 21.6% fat loss after one 60-minute treatment on their upper abdomen. Laser energy, simultaneous cooling, and touchless technology combine to provide an unsurpassed patient experience delivered with efficacy, efficiency, and ease.
Pricing Packages
save $500

Contour Your Curves

Buy three EON segments and receive a complimentary segment. Use this segment at your first visit or one month later.

save $1000

The “Smart” Lipo Alternative

Buy six EON segments and receive two complimentary segments. This package is great for two Total Abdomen Treatments.

Also, get two months free when you sign up for our 12-month membership.

12 Segments
$377 / month

Maintain Your Goals Membership

This is ideal for a patient who wants to maintain their fat loss with a 12 segment membership. Segments can be used once a month or can be banked to complete multiple segments in one visit.

Is EON right for me?

EON treatments are ideal for people with areas of stubborn fat that diet and exercise cannot remove. Ideally, the body mass index (BMI) is below 30. Consult with your EON provider to see if a treatment is right for you.

What areas can I get treated?

Currently, EON is FDA-cleared for the flanks, thighs and full abdomen and back.

Is there any downtime?

Unlike traditional options, no clean up or post-treatment care is necessary. There is no downtime with EON. You can go back to your day immediately following treatment.

What results can I expect?

Although results vary among individuals, studies show patients experienced 21.6% average fat reduction (25.3% in the lower abdomen) after a single 60-minute treatment. Some patients lost as much as 40%. Best results are seen at 12 weeks.

Robotic, Touchless treatments require no applicators or disposables
Smart sensor technology scans and maps the patient’s topography for personalized treatments
State-of-the-art intelligent robotic movement delivers consistent treatment outcomes
Quicker treatments than the competition, treating an entire abdomen in 60 minutes and both flanks in 40 minutes
No post-treatment care or downtime
High Patient Satisfaction

Before + After Treatment Results

Untouched patient results at 12 weeks after a full abdomen treatment

Before After
Before After
Before After
Before After

Real testimonials from patients with real results

Real testimonials from patients with real results

“I’m a very active person but since having my daughter I do have stubborn areas that I just can’t get rid of with diet and exercise. I chose EON because after doing a lot of research ...
Erin, Real Patient Testimonial
“As I’ve gotten older, losing weight and working out has gotten harder. I’ve gained a little bit of weight and my wife is starting to notice it. With running two businesses and working for another company, ...
Brandon, Real Patient Testimonial
“I have had three C-Sections, I work out about 4-5 times a week, eat very healthy so I started looking into body contouring because I have some areas that just aren’t going anywhere. I did some ...
Beth, Real Patient Testimonial